NASHVILLE GIRLS TRIP 2018 // Katie Legate

I am so happy I was able to document this wonderful weekend getaway with some of my best friends. This was my first time visiting Nashville, TN and it was so much fun. Aside from the minor car accident I got in on the way there, we made some great memories this week. Hope you all enjoy the vlog!

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Common questions:

✌ How old are you? 22 😀
✌Are you in college? I graduated from UCM in May 2017!
✌ Where are you from? STL
✌ Do you have a job? Yes, I work at Pulse Fashion in STL.
✌ What is your favorite food? Children.
Just kidding. I like potatoes.
✌ What Camera do you use? Canon T5i with 50 mm, 30 mm Lens & Kit Lens

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