Mutts4Trucks Event | Nashville, TN

We attended the Mutts4Trucks event in Nashville, TN thanks to the Mobil Delvac™ and PEDIGREE® brands. In this video, we’ll be sharing our experience at the Mutts4Trucks event in Nashville and telling you how you can see more of the journey some of these truckers went on to get their dogs.
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The Mobil Delvac™ brand cares deeply about the trucking community and is committed to doing its part to help the industry thrive, and the PEDIGREE® brand is committed to supporting the transformation of shelter dogs into pets with loving forever homes. That’s why both brands are teaming up to launch a unique program – Mutts4Trucks – which helps address some of the physical and emotional challenges of being a professional driver by pairing drivers with shelter dogs in need of a home.

Sponsored by Mobil Delvac™ and the PEDIGREE® brands

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