Inside Politics: Nashville’s Response on COVID-19 P.2

The fight against the COVID-19 virus pandemic continues to be an increasingly difficult one, around the world, across the country, as well as here in Tennessee and in Nashville. Multiple times in recent days, both the city and the state have announced record numbers of new cases while those hospitalized also continues to grow to record levels. Even on non-record setting days, the virus continues to increase the rolling 14-day average of COVID-19 cases. To discuss where Nashville is and where we are headed in fighting the pandemic, along with several other major issues he is grappling with, we welcome back to the INSIDE POLITICS this week, Mayor John Cooper. With all that’s happened since he was elected, it may be hard to remember he has been on the job only about 10 months. There certainly haven’t been any dull moments for him since he took his oath of office, so we appreciate him taking time to talk with us. Tune in!

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