First Amendment Audit: TSA Nashville Revisit – Nashville, TN

After being illegally detained at Mitchell International Airport for “failure to ID”, we flew to Nashville International Airport on business. We thought we would check to see if Nashville TSA learned anything from our last visit. Watch the video to see how it goes!


To make an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT on Michael Hendrix and the unknown TSA supervisor, please call:

or email:
[email protected]

To COMMEND officer Ramos, Hardy-Moore and Sgt. Estes please call:
(615) 275-1703

Auditor Grading System:
*Anything less than an A is a fail. The lower grades denote to which degree the auditee failed*

A: Applaudable
B: Bothersome
C: Confrontational/Called police
D: Detained without probable cause
F: False arrest

E: Educated

All audits are completed within 30 minutes

More info on First Amendment Audit: TSA Nashville Revisit – Nashville, TN

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