Anthes Drive Railroad Crossing, Nashville, TN

*originally recorded on 12-12-18*

Signal on the left: 2 pairs of Safetran 12×20 inch lights with Dialight Ball LEDs, a General Signals Type 3 electronic bell, a Safetran gate mechanism, 2 7 inch NEG LED gate lights, and a 4 inch NEG LED gate light.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of Safetran 12×20 inch lights with Dialight Ball LEDs, a Safetran Type 2 electronic bell, a Safetran gate mechanism, 2 7 inch NEG LED gate lights, and a 4 inch NEG LED gate light.

On 12-12-18, I made my weekly excursion back up to Nashville to once again to get the NERR. The first train that I caught was an eastbound Music City Star train heading for Lebanon.

This crossing is a pretty nice one, having been installed in the early to mid-2000s along the Music City Star corridor, replacing a pair of crossbucks, as evidenced by the lone crossbuck that remains on the far side. Both signals feature a pair of 7 inch NEG gate lights, long since having been upgraded to LED, though both of the gate lights on the tips of the gate arms were replaced with 4 inch ones. The far signal originally had a Safetran Type 2 electronic bell, but that has also been replaced with a GS Type 3. According to Google Street View, the equipment was still all-original (save any LED upgrades) back in March of 2016, so these changes obviously must’ve occurred sometime between then and now. This is also the westernmost signalized crossing on the NERR, though there is a crossbuck crossing just west of here right next to the Riverfront Station in downtown Nashville. This is also the only signalized crossing on the NERR that I consider to be in downtown Nashville, TN, though it’s on the edge of it. This line also almost only sees use by the Music City Star, though as the NERR’s downtown Nashville yard is just east of it and there’s a storage track just west of it, the NERR does use it a bit, though I don’t know how much. This part of the line is also where the Tennessee Central hoped to originally build a line through downtown Nashville, connecting to what’s now the Nashville & Western Railroad, but it was never completed, even when it was proposed by the State of Tennessee to try and save the failing railroad. Anthes Drive is also a rather quiet street, being a dead-end road that only leads to a trucking company called Pyles Transport.

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