4th of july in nashville, tn !!!! *very patriotic*

currently uploading this a day late BUTTTT it’s 20 minutes long soooo i hope that makes up for it !!!!

had the best time exploring nashville with my bestie gal :))) lowkey want to move there after college??? we’ll see.
did i mention we’re at 2,000 SUBS !!?!?!??! when did this happen?!?!? THANK U THANK U THANK U to everyone who’s recently joined me and everyone who has been here since the beginning,, you are all incredibly appreciated and loved 🙂

currently have no clue what i’m uploading wednesday but thinking of doing a “how i edit my photos” or a “what’s on my iphone” video??? LET ME KNOW what y’all wanna see !!!!!

instagram: madi.blaine
twitter: umaddsornah
vsco: madiblaine

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