2019 Nashville Tennessee Morel Foray and Country-Jam Music Concert

2019 Nashville Tennessee Morel Foray and Country-Jam Music Concert. This amazing mushroom and music event was held in the outskirts of Nashville, TN on April 5th-8th, 2019. We hunted historic private land such as “Manwells” whom created all of the costumes and rhinestones in the movie Electric Cowboy among many others including Dolly Parton’s designs. County music artist C.J. Garton hosted the event with Chris Matherly. It was a very successful hunt, and every newbie found morels for the first time! As Chris cooked the big feast with over 20+ dishes- soup, appetizers of wild foraged plants and mushrooms, CJ, his talented wife Loralee Garton, and a group of other local talented artists jammed-out on guitars, a fiddle, and even a bugle! Everyone be sure to watch until the end so you won’t miss all of the amazing music! Happy hunting! -Chris M

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Chris Matherly has a passion for mushrooms! He loves to teach others every aspect of them including hunting, identification, growing them, cooking with them, their medicinal values, as well as wild edible plants. He has hosted guided mushroom hunts, (forays), since 2001 in over 30 different states. Now well over 300 total forays and teaching/guiding over 2000 participants. He has written 3 field guides and 2 cookbooks and plans for many more. He has been featured on a Travel Channel episode of “Cash and Treasures”, a History Channel episode of “Modern Marvels”, and had 2 full seasons of his own show called “Filthy Riches” on National Geographic Channel. He invites you to visit his online store full of mushroom related products, and join him on one of his exciting forays that are also available here: https://morelmushroomhunting.com/shop/

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