Nashville Media

Media is now in core!  Feel free to break out into your happy dance at any point while reading this abstract.  Let’s be honest…handling media in Drupal has been a nightmare in the past.  Now that media is in core—thanks to the Drupal Media Team—handling images, video, and other media assets has never been easier.

This session will walk through the ins and outs of setting up a media library using the core media module.  The session will also cover how to use common contrib modules (Entity Browser, Media Entity, and Entity Embed) to extend functionality.  You will leave this session with concrete site-building principles you can apply to all of your Drupal 8 site builds.  Experience with site-building is all that’s necessary to attend this session.


More info on DrupalCon Nashville 2018: Media module in core: Setting up a Drupal 8 media library