WNGE Channel 2 [Nashville, TN] – Ending of Newswatch and Opening of ABC Evening News (1977)

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Not from Chicago, but of interest in any case, is the ending of an edition of Newswatch on WNGE Channel 2 in Nashville, TN, followed by the opening minutes of the ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner and Barbara Walters (the latter of whom was on assignment in the Middle East).


Incomplete weather report from Brian Christie, followed by him previewing upcoming ABC Evening News and 6:00pm Newswatch anchored by Jim Travis, Roseanne Colletti and Bob Bell (the last-named not the WGN Channel 9 Bozo)

Commercial: Kroger Price Patrol – Weekly report on latest price figures given by local housewives

Station ID, with Jim Travis promoting 6:00pm Newswatch (followed by seven seconds of black)

Opening for ABC Evening News (voiceover by Carl Caruso, also promising Howard K. Smith and Frank Reynolds in Washington) with preview of stories:

– Heavy fighting in southern Lebanon (reported by Bill Seamans)

– Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan presents peace proposal to Carter in Washington (reported by Ted Koppel)

– Southgate, KY fire marshals suspended in nightclub fire probe (reported by Bill Stewart)

– Carter administration argues race should be factor in university admissions policies (reported by Tim O’Brien)

Harry opens with report of secret meeting between Moshe Dayan and Jordan’s King Hussein in London, then introduces Ted Koppel report of Dayan’s meeting with Carter; Ted in turn introduces Bill Seamans’ report on fighting in Lebanon between Christians and Palestinians (tape cuts out midway)

This aired on local Nashville TV on Monday, September 12th 1977 between approximately 5:28pm and 5:33pm.

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