WKRN News 2 at 4:00 Breaking News Open, 11/23/2020

On November 23rd at 4pm, the Nexstar Media Group owned ABC affiliate in Nashville, TN went live with their new graphics. They are using the KOIN/WFLA package. Music (“Propulsion” by 615) and voiceover (Brian Lee) are unchanged.

They led the show with breaking news, so I do not have the standard open. (As I have said before I hate separate breaking news show opens, wish stations would just use the regular open with a breaking news “sting” instead).

However I did include the tease before the newscast.

I am recording the rest of their evening newscasts, so keep it here, and I hope to bring you a full newscast tonight. I also have the last 11am newscast with their old graphics, and I’ll be posting that as well in the coming days.

Anhored by Eric Egan and Erica Francis. Hayley Wielgus, Emily Proud, and Alex Denis are all mentioned but there were technical problems keeping the first two from making on-air appearances.

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