Hey Gengar Gang! Today I got some new Gen 4 evolutions in Pokemon Go! I also hunted for a last minute shiny Pinsir in Pokemon Go before the shiny rates are decreased!

On Cyndaquil Community Day Saturday, November 10 @ 1pm Central, I will be traveling to Bicentennial park in Nashville, TN for a Pokemon Go youtuber meetup! I will be meeting subscribers and fellow Pokemon Go trainers! Lots of awesome Pokemon Go youtubers will be there, like Trainer Tips, Mystic7, PkmnMasterHolly, JTGily, Prodegies Nation, and DX1!

Meetup location: 600 James Robertson Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37243
Silph Road handshake setup: https://thesilphroad.com/news/pokemon-go-player-network-travelers-cards-silph-league/

I hope to see some of you in Nashville!***

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More info on NEW GEN 4 EVOLUTIONS! + Shiny Pinsir Hunt and Nashville Meetup Announcement!

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