The female stars of country music talk fashion at the CMT Awards

(18 Jun 2009) SHOTLIST
AP Television
Nashville, Tenn., 16 June 2009
1. Wide arrivals area 2009 CMT Music Awards
2. Photographers
3. Fashion shot: Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles
4. Musician Chuck Wicks interviews Sugarland
5. Mid-shot of Camera operator
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Jennifer Nettles/Musician, Sugarland:
“Rachel Roy, I love the way she cuts. I love the way her designs work on a woman’s body.”
Kristian Bush/Musician, Sugarland:
“You look beautiful tonight, you actually do.”
Nettles: “Thank you! He’s sweet.”
Bush: “I haven’t told her yet, but she does.”
Reporter: “Women need to hear this…”
Nettles: “They do.”
Bush: “Well, you have to pick the right time. Mind you, it has to be the right time.”
Nettles: “Yes, and this is a great time to do it.”
7. Fashion shot: Heidi Newfield
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Heidi Newfield/Musician:
“Actually, this one is a little bit more laid back. This one is really fun. Like I found a really fun piece, it’s easy. Throw the boots on, throw the dress on — well, this is more like a shirt than a dress — but you know it’s really the hair and makeup that take a little bit longer. Everything else, this is a little bit more rock and roll, a little more laid back and fun.”
9. Closeup camera operator, with pull out to reveal musician T-Pain posing for photographers
10. Fashion shot: T-Pain
11. Fashion shot: Taylor Swift
12. Fashion shot: Julianne Hough
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Julianne Hough/Musician:
“Patti Packham and she’s awesome. She is so feminine and sweet and I don’t know, I love that. This is so fun because you can wear something short and a little bit more fun, it doesn’t have to be all glitz and glam. So it’s fun.”
14. Wide musician Emily West posing for photographers
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Emily West/Musician:
“I actually had a sit-down conversation with a friend of mine who said, ‘You know, you have a loud mouth on you. You need to try being the jean and T-shirt girl because you’re so big, your personality is so big, you don’t need to try.’ And I go, ‘My personality is in my clothes, you know, and if they have a hard time with it, then whatever, then don’t buy my record!’ No, I’m kidding. Just buy it! but I’m sorry, I’m just gaudy.”
16. Fashion shot: Kellie Pickler
17. SOUNDBITE (English) Kellie Pickler/Musician:
“I’m wearing Badgely Mischka and I’m in love with it. I’m very, very blessed to be able to wear their dress.”
18. Fashion shot: Jessica Harp
19. SOUNDBITE (English) Jessica Harp/Musician:
“Sienna Miller is the only other person to have worn these earrings, so I feel like maybe some good luck is rubbing off with these earrings tonight.”
20. Closeup earrings
21. Fashion shot: Martina McBride
22. SOUNDBITE (English) Martina McBride:
“This is Cheri O’Dell and I love it because, I don’t know, I love the color. I don’t really normally wear this color very much and I just thought it was very chic and kind of glamorous.”
23. Fashion shot: Sarah Buxton
24. Closeup purse
25. SOUNDBITE (English) Sarah Buxton:
“Well, this was the dress I was supposed to wear to the CMAs. The zipper broke, unfortunately, so I had to wear a dress that, I don’t know, hopefully no one saw that, but this was the one I was supposed to wear, so I figured since I still had it in my closet and I hadn’t worn it to anything, because I don’t just wear this out, these dresses I wear to special occasions and this is a special occasion.”
26. Little Big Town poses for photographers
27. SOUNDBITE (English) Little Big Town:Phillip Sweet (blond), Kimberly Schlapman (blond), Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook:
Westbrook: “You don’t want me doing this. (Points to Fairchild) Alexander Wang. (looks at Schlapman) Who?”
Fairchild: “Halston.”
Schlapman: “I just told him that!”

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