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The adventure always lies within. So here we go. Get your backpack ready, your water bottle filled. Sign up for updates.

I am a photographer, artist, and entrepreneur whose mission is to explore locations and help others. I also love music and entertainment photography.

I enjoy also enjoy commercial advertising, celebrity, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, photography work. I am a business owner and I am an event organizer.

I have this deep passion for telling inspirational stories of with photography and video. The past few years I have been focused on serving my community in Columbia, Tennessee as a photographer.

Currently, my passion has extended to doing other projects around the country and outside the USA.

Join me! As we go on an adventure…

From Nashville, TN to New York City and Nassau, Bahamas

I have discovered that traveling and helping others has a way of turning things around in a positive way.

It picks you up and brings back new.

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” Herman Melville

Here are some of the projects and events that I have planned.

I hope you will be able to attend the events and follow along. Please be sure to sign up for email updates; there are other events I would like to keep you posted on.

For example, some of the special interviews that I will be doing with Creative Humans. Just wanted to give you a heads up on some new thing I’ve been working on.


Nashville Zoo Photoshoot
This fall I’m planning on doing a meet-up photoshoot at the Nashville Zoo.

Still working out the details will probably be a Sunday afternoon in September.

This will be a great time to get some unique photos and also see the wild side of Nashville. Hope you can attend the Nashville Zoo photoshoot at the

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
3777 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN

Portrait and Professional Headshot Event
This one is going to be like a fun productive network meeting.

I am still working on finding the right location.

But I want to create an event that has a friendly party vibe so that you can network with other professionals in your community and have a great portrait or headshot done at the same time.

I’ve done a few of these recently and it’s is a lot of fun.

Concert Photography
I have several events this year where I’ll be doing concert photography.

For example the David Phelps Barn Bash events.

If you would like to attend the concert be sure to purchase your tickets soon the events always sell out. See David Phelps Music

If you a photographer and would like to volunteer to work with me be sure to let me know. This would be a volunteer assistant role helping me with the event lots of work and fun.

Fashion Photography Meetup Events
Okay if you are a model or photographer or makeup artist you will want to participate in our Fashion Photographer Nashville TN meetup events.

We also have a very active online community as well with our Facebook group.

So if you’re looking for a creative community to be a part of. Please be sure to check out the website.

Gulf Shores, AL Beach Events
In April I’ll be doing several events on the Gulf Coast and also planning some for the fall. Planning some photoshoots at Fort Morgan Gulf Shores, AL.

Also working on finalizing the plans for some beach photo shoots in that area.

New York City Fashion Shoots
For the fall I’ll be going back to New York City to do more architectural photography and fashion photography. If you are a model or photographer, you will want to be sure to be apart of this event. I will have more information on the New York project soon.

At the I will be scheduling photo shoots throughout the event and walking tours for architectural photography. I will have more information on the New York project soon.

I’m planning on doing lots of landscape photography and drone video. I hope to create some fantastic art pieces.

Creative Humans Coffee Meetup
Each month I have organized coffee meetups in the Middle Tennessee area.

These are not photoshoot events. But they’re a great opportunity to get to know others in the creative community. I hope you can make it to our next event.

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