Nashville Tennessee downtown Broadway July 6 2021

Hello all My name is Pierre. I live here in Nashville Tennessee
welcome to the channel if you new. And I love you if you are continues regular here.
My personal instagram is zoemanpierre
my venmo is @pierre-3 if you wish to send me anything .
If you looking for a wedding videographer / photographer my wedding website is Hello Nashville Tennessee fans/friends . I love you guys you guys are great . No matter how good a video is if no one watches it , it doesn’t mean nothing.

This is how Nashville Tennessee looks like today. Cashapp $zpierre509 if you love this video so much you want to send me a dollar. #nashvilletnbroadway #broadwaynashville #nashvilletenneseebroadway

I honestly love doing Nashville vlogs. Thank You all

Nashville Tennessee downtown Broadway
Nashville Tn downtown Broadway 2021
Broadway Nashville Tennessee
Broadway Nashville ZPierre509

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