Marcum & Andrea from Acklen Park are featured during this WSMV Channel 4 news story. Small clip shows them singing their single “Great American Song” while Shantell Ogden helps promote the Liahonaroo Festival taking place April 20th & 21st (2012).

Liahonaroo is a Family Friendly event, check out more here:

ACKLEN PARK will perform Saturday night the 21st.

Click this link to purchase tickets for this event:

*** Please Note: Even though Channel 4 stated this festival was Organized by Mormon artists & musicians, not every artist is Mormon. However, the Liahonaroo Festival welcomes all walks of life and faith, young or old. Also noted, Liahonaroo is not an Anti-Bonarroo event either. It is simply an “alternative” type of festival. ***

The quality of this video is not great because we had to film it directly off the tv.

More info on Liahonarro Festival covered by WSMV Channel 4 News, Nashville, TN

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