King Me Season 2 EPISODE 3 Animal Fashion

The contestants bring you their very own Animal Runway show bringing you their best animal fashion to their runway of choice!

Guest Judge is Venus Ann Serena from Nashville,TN., Nerd, Dominatrix, you never know what you get with this girl. Catch her at Play Dance Bar, multiple nerd conventions, and any bar near you.

 She has been doing drag for almost 3 years and it has shown her that there are a million different styles and that performing Drag is not only a fun activity to her but a passion and something she has dedicated her life to.
She currently performs at Play Dance Bar every other sunday.  Play is not only a place for her to perform but a home.
For management, booking and press:
OutLoud Talent
[email protected] – Phone: (615) 953-7216




The first ever WORLWIDE Online drag king competition,
This season is BIGGER and BETTER!

Season 2 cast

Hans Schwanz

Hugh Johnson

Max Manchester

Joey Bambino

Travis Hard

Paradox Rei

Chey Boi

Frankie Lezboi

Richard Reckless
Spencer Money

Max Ryder

Mister Underwood

Season 2 judges

Adam All

Gunner Gatlyn

Vincent Von Dyke

D-luv Saviyon

Guest judge
Fudge Frottage

Music by
Ryan Cassata

Editing by
Catherine Hilbert. She is a filmmaker from the University of Arizona, and the editor for season two of King Me; Rise of a Drag King, and has worked previously as an editor for The Safe Zone Project, at Paceline Pictures in Los Angeles, and on her own student films.

Produced by
Vincent Von Dyke

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