Johnny Paycheck – Gospeltime In My Fashion (Stereo LP)

1 I’m On My Way Home
2 I’m Better Off
3 Black Sheep
4 Every Minute I Want Jesus
5 I’m Gonna Tell The World
6 Her Crown She Has Won
7 Almost Persuaded
8 The Old Rugged Cross
9 In The Garden
10 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
11 When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
12 Old Time Religion
13 Amazing Grace
14 Jesus Loves Me

Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Nashville, TN in May 1966. Produced by Aubrey Mayhew.

Upright bass: Roy Huskey Jr.
Drums: Kenny Buttrey
Steel guitar: Lloyd Green
Electric guitar: Billy R. Sanford
Acoustic guitar: Herman Bland “Pete” Wade
Piano: Jerry Whitehurst
Organ: David Briggs
Fiddle: Norman K “Buddy” Spicher

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