Fashion Crimes Podcast | What to Pack to Travel in Style

We are tripping this week, which means “What to Pack?”

These 3 little words, when put together, can be SUPER stressful for some people.

But, not to worry! Our Stylists Extraordinaire are here to make sure you don’t overpack or forget your underpants – and they even pick out the right suitcase for you!

Because you need to be prepared: you need to read the room, know where you are going – and you need to look good. Period.

So, what kind of trip packer are you?

Nolan tends to pack his entire wardrobe – especially all of his shoes – and then needs to borrow a suitcase to get all of his shit back home.
Holly has the formula to pack for dinners, daytime, and 2 extra backup outfits. But regardless of how much, or how planned out, you do your packing; don’t forget to pack your style.

Both of our stylists have been shopping and planning for Holly’s appearance in Nashville because the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST will be one of the only, if not THE only, fashion podcast represented at this national convention.

So, She. Needs. To. Kill. It!

Be sure to follow our social media this week, because you must see all of the AMAZ-BALLS outfits Holly and Nolan have created for this trip. They chose a fun and current short suit from Anine Bing, which will be accompanied by Holly’s lustful purchase of some Roger Vivia boots.

Key Takeaways:

Holly and Nolan discuss how to plan your wardrobe for trips. The key is to know where you going, who you will be seeing, and to plan ahead. Shop, prepare and pack ahead of time.

Holly recommends a formula for packing by occasion and time of day. Nolan likes to have options, so he packs everything. Which packing style works for you?

Our stylists have been all over the place shopping for Holly’s trip to the Podcast Movement National Podcaster’s Convention in Nashville, TN the week of Aug. 2nd.

Holly feels the pressure to ‘kill it’ with her style, as it is the first appearance of the Fashion Crimes Podcast at this event. Photos of the ‘Outfits of the Day’ are posted on our social pages.

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