DudeThoughts: A Day in the Life of a Studio Musician

Dudes. My entire drumming career turned out to be an undercover mission to expose the clandestine practices of Nashville recording studios and the session musician henchmen they contain. Dude what you will with this hither to now top secret (and useless) information.

Filmed May 31st 2018 at the Rukkus Room recording studios in Nashville TN with the priceless help of James Black on utilities, Andrew Brown on bass, Ethan DuBois on the camera, Nick Gibbens engineering, Dylan Jones on keys, John Prentice on electric guitar, and Sarah Troy on the vocals.

Dig the song we recorded in full form here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xe2IcCTOTE

Thanks especially to m’PatreoDudes and ‘ettes who made this video possible and receive all manner of exclusive cuts from these sessions at www.patreon.com/harrymiree

[Here’s where I ordinarily say tour dates are at www.HarryMiree.com but *heck*, nobody’s going on stage for a while. Maximum health ’till then dudes.]

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