Ditching the Big Box Stores | Episode 321

Ditching the Big Box Stores | Episode 321

Virtual concerts could be the answer to saving downtown Nashville. One non-profit announces a fall festival this month. Could this be Nashville’s first true festival since the pandemic? Plus, we’ll share our favorite local shops that could replace your shopping at big box stores.

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Rescheduled Events


Chihuly at Cheekwood | Cheekwood | Sat. July 18th – January 10th 2021

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Nash News
Nashville COVID-19 Response

Roadmap for Reopening Nashville

Virtual concert series aims to rescue Nashville’s independent music venues from closing
Cheekwood announces annual fall festival to kick off September 19

Where to shop locally in place of a big box store
Plaza Mariachi



Turnip Truck

Landing Page

Hillsboro Hardware
Cumberland Hardware
Two Old Hippies
White’s Mercantile
Shopping & Fashion | Visit Nashville TN

Local Artist Feature – Corey Dakota
Tequila Silver Lining

Nashville Daily Artist of the Day Playlist

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