CMA Festival 2019 | Nashville, TN | Street Preaching | Day #1 (Part #3)

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The Country Music Awards Festival takes place in Nashville TN every year. Each year people from all around the country come to celebrate and worship their country music and idols. They come and celebrate with their revelry, lewdness and unfettered lasciviousness.
This year a team of street preachers, from Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, were there for this three-day festival to preach the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these poor deceived and perishing souls.

After preaching on lower Broad St. for a while we went up to the foot bridge, after the rain had stopped, that leads from Nashville proper down to Nissan stadium.
Many of the people were headed to see country music idols like Eric Church and Carrie Underwood.

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Day #1 (Part #3)