Videography Demo Reel

I am Stephen Landry, 23 years young, graduate of Nossi College of Art with a bachelor degree in graphic art and design. I have not only spent my last four years learning graphic design and visual effects but have spent time working on various video and film projects ranging from art direction on music videos to creating full short films and winning 4 awards in 2010’s 48 hour film project in Nashville,TN. I am currently working towards creating my first feature length film. I have been editing and shooting since I was in high school working in Media Production Class.

My goal in life since I was 7 years old watching Star Wars and movies on TV has always been to work in the video industry.

I love to convey energy and atmosphere in my work.

Programs I use most:
Adobe Premier,
Adobe After Effects,
Adobe Photoshop,
AutoDesk Maya,
FinalCut Pro,
Sony Vegas,
iMovie (for rough crops or pre-visualizations),

You can contact me via email: [email protected]
Website coming soon….

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