The Wingfeather Saga – Animated Short Film

The Wingfeather Saga – A Crow for the Carriage
From the epic fantasy novels – The Wingfeather Saga available here:
The Rabbit Room:

For twelve-year-old Janner Igiby, life in Glipwood is anything but adventurous. His only escape is the stories he reads at Books and Crannies. Janner’s dream of adventure becomes a perilous reality when his sister, Leeli, stumbles into a Fang of Dang and his little brother, Kalmar, finds a mysterious map that may lead to the powerful Jewels of Anniera.

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With the humor and heart of The Princess Bride and the epic scope of The Lord of the Rings, The Wingfeather Saga is the story of one family on the run from a terrible evil — and the making of a hero.

Produced in Nashville, TN with an innovative CG/2D paint textured technique that we can’t wait to make more of!

Created by Andrew Peterson
Directed by: Tom Owens
Produced by: J. Chris Wall
Director of CGI/Animation Director: Keith Lango
Production Designer: Nicholas Kole
Score Produced by: Kurt Heinecke
Score Composed by: Kurt Heinecke with Isaac Horn, Lincoln Mick, Sarah Wood of The Arcadian Wild
Character Animation and CG Production by: Magnetic Dreams, Inc.

©2017 Shining Isle Productions

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