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Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler considers himself to be a ‘loving father’. But do Steven Tyler’s children and their mothers agree with him?

His oldest child is an actress, Liv Tyler, and she grew up having no idea who her dad was! Once Liv Tyler and her mom came to an Aerosmith concert and in the crowd, Liv saw a girl who looked exactly like her!

It was Steven Tyler’s other daughter, Mia who’s 1 year younger than Liv. Steven Tyler decided to help Liv with her career and when the girl was 16, she got her one of the starring roles in ‘Aerosmith’s’ music video for ‘Crazy.’

Mia Tyler was luckier than Liv as she was born into a marriage. Tyler’s first wife Cyrinda Foxe was a gorgeous actress who married Steven Tyler in 1978 and gifted him with Mia. The rockstar’s daughter recalls her childhood as “unconventional”, because both of her parents behaved like rebellious teenagers, and she grew up at rowdy parties.

When after 10 years of marriage Steven and Cyrinda divorced. Steven Tyler also finds time for his youngest kids from his second marriage. His second now-ex-wife is a fashion designer, Teresa Barrick, who gifted Steven with a daughter and a son – Chelsea and Taj.

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