The Last Days (Post Apocalyptic Short Film)

I really wanted to try to make a video that challenged people to think about their lives and realize that tomorrow is never promised. ”The Last Days” short film is about forgiveness and how it can be applied in even the most extreme situations. I was inspired to make a video that showed people demonstrating their faith in God in even the most distraught situation. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this project is the fact that it did not turn out the way I expected it to. For instance I wrote an entire script but once the filming process began it seemed much easier to let the actors come up with the dialogue and movements in the moment they were being shot. Although I had a general idea of what I wanted to film the video actually developed a true story line once I brainstormed ideas with some of the actors. I felt really compelled to make a short film about someone who was mature and strong enough to show mercy to their enemy as opposed to brutally seeking revenge; as we so often see in movie today.

Actors include:
Andre Hunter
Henry Brooks
Steven Hawkins
Adison Hardyway

Film Locations:
Clarksville, TN
Nashville, TN

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