The Grand Inquisitor (SHORT FILM)

A short film adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s narrative poem from his masterpiece, The Brothers Karamazov: The Cardinal Grand Inquisitor faces with a reincarnate Christ as he reckons with his own ideals.

– 2020 Nashville Edge Film Festival
– 2020 Southeastern International Film Festival

Directed by Natalie Slone
Produced by Jon Friedman
Screenplay by Natalie Slone

The Grand Inquisitor played by Bob Rindhage
He played by Ali Mohammad
Blind Man played by Tim Rowland
Mother played by Tae Travis
Little Girl played by Esther Jane Pope
Bowing Man played by Jacob Trost
Cathedral Padre played by Christopher Bowhay
Guard 1 played by Austin FitzPatrick
Guard 2 played by Brad Lyon
Townsperson 1 played by Eliana Petit
Townsperson 2 played by Isabel Luciano
Townsperson 3 played by Silva Riganelli
Townsperson 4 played by Mason Reed

Director of Photography — Blake Thompson
1st Assistant Camera — Aaron Lasater
2nd Assistant Camera — Siena DeMatteis
1st Assistant Director — Phynley Joel
2nd Assistant Director — Jon Friedman
Sound Recording — Noah Bassett
Set Design — Phynley Joel and Jon Friedman
Set Pieces Provided by Jerry Stratton at Belmont University
Costume Design — Sydney DeMatteis-Geib
Costumers — Melissa Austin and Amy May, Franklin Classical School; Studio Tenn
Production Assistants — Emily Cowherd-Lasater; Jacob Trost; Mason Reed
Craft Services — Kelly Corday
Talent Advisor — Kate du Plessis
Editor — Natalie Slone
Colorist — Blake Thompson
Post-production Sound Design and Mixing — Noah Bassett
Dialogue Repair — Andrew Mayer
Storyboard Artist — Hayley Mullins
Music Producer — Kennoniah Dean
Composer — Scott Brons

Jim Lucas
Sarah and Peter Heiniger
Deana Izzo
Chris and Heather Thompson
Jill Adams
Cheryl Friedman

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (Columbia, TN)
Belmont University Theater
Lipscomb University
DbV Rentals

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