THE DELIVERY – A short film made in 48 Hours

The “braintrust” behind the upcoming independent feature film THE NOTHING made this short comedy for the 48 Hour Film Project 2008 in Nashville, TN. This flick was written, shot, and cut in 48 hours, and screened at the historic Belmont Theater. The Delivery is the story of Tim, a hapless delivery driver who must deliver an order of delicious Dippin’ Dots ice cream to a sinister villain before it melts on the hottest day of the history of the Earth. Keep an eye out for THE NOTHING co-writer Derek R. Stogner as Tim, director/co-writer Josh Childs as his brother, producer Jeff Boyet stuffed in a silly costume, and Young in the Restless star Tricia Cast (Nina Webster on YATR, seriously!) as the evil Robina Hatch.

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