The Army Nurse | Short Film (Shot on BMPCC4k)

During the infamous Battle of the Bulge in 1944, a young army nurse stays behind during an evacuation, where she is thrown into a situation in which a soldier’s life depends on her ability to act quickly.

The Army Nurse is an independent short film written, directed, and shot by Ryan Margetts (@rygetts)

This film was created as an entry for the Aputure Light This Location international short film competition, with the following rules:
– Must be shot all in one location
– Must use LIGHTING in a creative way to tell the story
– Must include the word “accent” somehow
– Must be 5 minutes long (obviously this version is 11 min, so a 5 minute version was made and submitted to the competition. The 11 minute version shows the full story).

Mary Hall
David Chamberlain
Schuyler Taylor
Russ Margetts

Production Manager: Derrick Hepworth
Sound/Foley: Curtis Judd
Original Music: Benjamin Margetts
Makeup: Juliette Lewis
Hair: Allie Stevens
VFX: Josh Gibson
BTS Video: Sean Coyne
Production Assistant: Jacob Howard
Set Photographer: Keith Fearnow
Costume and Set Design: Ryan Margetts & Derrick Hepworth
Tent Provided by: Kyle Peterson

Produced by:
Tom Clarke
Dave & Marianne Johnson
Jaden & Brooke Kemp
Bernard Stewart
Chelsea Goodrich
Ryan Margetts
Joel & Lani Dehlin

Brittany Dorius
Derrick & Katy Hepworth
Tom Clarke
Dave & Marianne Johnson
Jarom & Moniquea Ryan
Benjamin Kaufman
Erik Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Jaden & Brooke Kemp
Tyler & Lisa Margetts
Gareth Nelson
Ben Margetts
Lindsey Evenstad
Shane & Kim Petersen
Ronald Apple
Lenore Enzel
Amy Heath
Joel & Lani Dehlin
Travis Larsen
Barbara Pavel
Mike Alder
Kyle & Jeimy Barlocker
Colton McComb
Sharon & Lew Petersen
Andrea Hartley
Ian Dennis
Jason Apple
Kylee Kjar
Kyle & Devyn Langille
Misty Bolwin
Aubin Dubois
Wendy Aposhian
Andrea Davis
Tiffany VanderWerff
Eric Teran
David Johnson
Megan Torgersen
Bernard Stewart
Megan Sollis
Julia Bananto
Mike Veatch
Rebecca Burton
Chelsea Goodrich
Allie Stevens
Curtis Judd
Josh Gibson
Juliette Lewis
Sean Coyne
Keith Fearnow
Red Finch Rental
Ryan Moffett

Gear used:
BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8
Canon 135mm f/2
Laowa 9mm f/2.8
DIY Shoulder rig
Aputure 300d II
Aputure 120d II
Aputure 120d
Neewer LED

Edited on:
Davinci Resolve Studio 16.1

Copywright 2019 Tiger Trap Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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