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“I love the hell out of SHOTGUN” – Ain’t It Cool News

An art-house road comedy that is “very funny” and “perfectly cast” (Coachella Magazine), SHOTGUN follows three rebellious girls as they burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild and wicked ride that mixes French New Wave pastiche with pulpy, postmodern stylization.

Directed by: Maverick Moore
Produced by: Steven Trebus and Zachary Korpi
Written by: Maverick Moore and Steven Trebus
Original Story by: Zachary Korpi
Starring: Chynna Walker, Devin Perry, and Victoria Felton
Narrated by: Margaux Halet
Director of Photography: Brynn Sankey
Edited by: Maverick Moore
Visual Effects by: Philip Heinrich
Music by: Travis Terrell, Micah Sannon, and Zachary Korpi
Sound by: Topher Newton
Audio Mix by: Aaron Youngblood
Gaffers: Alex Crovella and Frankie Broussard
Costume Designer: Marla Moore
Stunt Drivers: Scott Hubbard and Steve Long
Speech Coach: Margaux Halet
Production Assistant: Marla Moore
Filmed in Waco, Texas in 2014

Nashville Film Festival (Nashville, TN) – Screened together with Jean-Luc Godard’s “Goodbye to Language”, Official Selection (Oscar-Qualifying Competition)
Palm Springs International ShortFest (Palm Springs, CA) – Official Selection (BAFTA, BIFA, & Oscar-Qualifying Competition)
Sarasota Film Festival (Sarasota, FL) – Official Selection
St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, MO) – Official Selection (Oscar-Qualifying Competition)
RiverRun International Film Festival (Winston-Salem, NC) – Jury Prize Nominee
Athens International Film + Video Festival (Athens, OH) – Official Selection (Oscar-Qualifying Competition)
Dallas International Film Festival (Dallas, TX) – Official Selection
USA Film Festival (Dallas, TX) – Finalist (Oscar-Qualifying Competition)
Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France) – Short Film Corner
SMU SFA Spring Film Festival (Dallas, TX) – Best Picture, Audience Award, Best Actress (Chynna Walker)
Black Glasses Film Festival (Waco, TX) – Best Picture, Audience Award
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (San Francisco, CA) – Best Short Film
El Dorado Film Festival (El Dorado, AR) – Best Southern-Made Film
Take Two Film Festival (New York City, NY) – Manny Award (“Outstanding Film”)
Houston WorldFest (Houston, TX) – Remi Award Winner
Spotlight Short Film Awards (Web) – Gold Award, Filmmaker Spotlight
Texas Independent Film Festival (College Station, TX) – Audience Choice Award
Nacogdoches Film Festival (Nacogdoches, TX) – Third Place Winner
Downtown Tyler Film Festival (Tyler, TX) – Best of the Fest Nominee
Highway 61 Film Festival (Pine City, MN) – Semifinalist
Cayman Islands International Film Festival (Cayman Islands) – Official Selection
Guam International Film Festival (Guam) – Official Selection
San Jose International Short Film Festival (San Jose, CA) – Official Selection
Sunscreen Film Festival West (Los Angeles, CA) – Official Selection
Bronx International Film Festival (Bronx, NY) – Official Selection
Kansas City Film Fest (Kansas City, MO) – Official Selection
Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (Seattle, WA) – Official Selection
Knoxville Film Festival (Knoxville, TN) – Official Selection
Atlanta Underground Film Festival (Atlanta, GA) – Official Selection
Macon Film Festival (Macon, GA) – Official Selection
South Texas Underground Film Festival (Corpus Christi, TX) – Official Selection
George Lindsey Film Festival (Florence, AL) – Official Selection
Tupelo Film Festival (Tupelo, MS) – Official Selection
River Bend Film Festival (South Bend, IN) – Official Selection
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival (Concord, NH) – Official Selection
Carrboro Film Festival (Carrboro, NC) – Official Selection
Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival (Walnut Creek, CA) – Official Selection
Big as Texas Short Film Festival (Austin, TX) – Official Selection
Red Wasp Film Festival (College Station, TX) – Official Selection

With Shotgun, I wanted to make a film that broke every rule. Inspired by the playful approach to story and structure of many French New Wave films, I wanted to make a film in a style reminiscent of that – a film that was coolly simple, mischievously self-aware, and delightfully fun. Shotgun is a black-and-white love letter to cinema and a metaphorical gun blast to convention.

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