This is a short film from Nate Adams. A student at the Nashville Film Institute.

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    Presented by CNN Films, RAISING RYLAND is a documentary film by Sarah Feeley that takes an intimate look at parenting with no strings attached. The short focuses on the transgender experience as lived by Ryland Whittington and his two loving parents, Hillary and Jeff.

  • Nashville (film) - Wikipedia

    Nashville is a 1975 American satirical musical comedy-drama film directed by Robert Altman.The film takes a snapshot of people involved in the country music and gospel music businesses in Nashville, Tennessee.The characters' efforts to succeed or hold on to their success are interwoven with the efforts of a political operative and a local businessman to stage a concert rally before the state's ...

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    The Sundance Institute Feature Film Program (FFP) advances original storytelling from distinctive voices by supporting independent filmmakers from development through distribution of their feature projects.

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    Although the start of the history of film is not clearly defined, the commercial, public screening of ten of Lumière brothers' short films in Paris on 28 December 1895 can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected cinematographic motion pictures. There had been earlier cinematographic results and screenings but these lacked either the quality or the momentum that propelled the ...

  • Nashville (1975) - IMDb

    Five days in the Nashville country and gospel music scene, filled with stars, wannabe stars, and other hangers-on - individual stories of this small group intertwined - provides a commentary on American society.

  • Nashville: Keith Carradine, Karen Black, Ronee ... This 1975 film sits near the top of any list of the best films of the 1970s, perhaps in the top five and, in some people's minds, at the pinnacle itself.

  • Nashville: Keith Carradine, Karen Black, Ronee ...

    Robert Altman's 1975 classic "Nashville" stands the test of time and along with "Mash," has to be one of the best films he ever directed. In an interview that accompanies the DVD, Mr. Altman says that there is a total of 24 characters whom he follows throughout this fine movie that looks at the connection between conservative politics and country music.

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