Railroad Crossings of the Nashville & Eastern Railroad

And now for the “special video” I mentioned earlier, we have a collection of all of the crossings I recorded on the NERR in the past year!

My original plan for 2018 was to go and record the NERR once a month every month, but that quite obviously never happened (oh well). However, in spite of that, I was still able to record a little over two-thirds of the NERR’s 91 signalized crossings (though I could’ve recorded 89 of them at most, as one of them is a private crossing that’s inaccessible, while the other only just had signals installed shortly before the end of 2018, and I’m not even sure if they were activated yet anyways). I was also able to record all but two of the NERR crossings left with 7 inch gate lights still, so I’m quite proud of that as well.

In addition to having the largest concentration of 7 inch gate lights in service (East of the Mississippi, if not in the entire US), the NERR featured quite a bit of older L&N equipment and older NERR equipment on the mainline from downtown Lebanon east (though I sadly wasn’t able to get much of what there is in Cookeville), and along many of the branch lines as well.

However, between Lebanon and Nashville along the mainline, most of the crossing were upgraded in the early to mid-2000s when the Music City Star was created along this line. As such, this part of the line is mostly gated signals with LEDs and e-bells with only five crossings retaining incandescent lights and just one mechanical bell in Mt. Juliet. Interestingly enough, there are also two gateless crossings in Mt. Juliet (one of which has the mechanical bell), despite the part of the line they’re on being a quiet zone. However, I will admit that the quiet zone in Mt. Juliet seems to be highly non-standard, with only one crossing (which I didn’t record) having a median installed at it, despite the quiet zone having been created after 2005.

The line also has all three types of General Signals e-bells, though only one GS Type 1 is along the line, located in Mt. Juliet. The line also features a few signal masts from the Tennessee Central still, including a signal that’s mounted to the US&S relay case that’s used as the relay case for the crossing, as well as a rather unique, believed to be shop-built e-bell in Watertown. Believe it or not, the NERR also lacked any gated crossings between Brush Creek and Monterey. Even the brand new signals in Buffalo Valley were gateless!

The crossings in the video are ordered from east to west, and then going from the end of each branch line closest to the mainline to the end farthest from the mainline as we reach each branch line.

Also, at the start of 2018, I made this map of every public signalized crossing along the NERR (along with adding the NWR’s crossings later), mainly to help me get to the various crossings along the line, so feel free to check it out below! (If one link doesn’t work, try the other.)

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