One Plus Seven – Real Horror Thriller Incident based Short Film

The story is about an unsolved mystery case discovered by an intelligence journalist student and the strange events that follow.
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

directed By: Deva Manikandan

Cinematography by: Kannan R

Music by: Abhijit Ramaswami

Editing by: Madesh

Cast : Vijay Duke, Gomathi Shankar, Vj Thara

Produced by: Rayees Basha

direction Team:
E.K.Varman, Pragdeesh

DI Studio: Firefoxstudios
Colorist: Srikanth Raghu
SFX: Nijil Dhinakar
VFX: Bala
Make-up: Bercy Alex
Dubbing Engineer : Sathya Chandran (Ra2 Studios)
Publicity Design: Peer

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