Nickel Children (2010) – Full Short Film

Nickel Children (2010) – In an alternate 19th Century, dust bowl Kansas, a young boy witnesses his parent’s murder, and is forced to survive in an underground child fighting ring. Only the wealthiest are invited to attend these secret communities to bet on the children for their own amusement. However, one among them, is determined to find her abducted son … whatever the cost.

BEST FILM – Halloween in July (July 2010 – Nashville, TN)

BEST SCIENCE FICTION – Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (Oct 2010 – Fargo, ND)

Easton McCuiston, Amanda Bailey, Jeremy Snowden

Written / Directed By
Kevin Eslinger
Written By
Kevin Eslinger
Cinematography/Visual FX By
Justin Eslinger
Produced By
Mary Katherine Sisco

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