My Way Out (Short Film) | Detroit 48 Hour Film Project | Second Place and Best Drama

Here is the short film “My Way Out” that I helped make back in July for the Detroit 48 Hour Film Project. I hope ya dig!

We won Best Drama and Second Place out of 40+ local films!

Behind The Scenes:


Required Elements

Character: Lucas or Lily Elepano, Coach
Prop: A Mug
Line: “You don’t know anything.” (or “You do not know anything.”)


Director: Jake Weber

Lead Writer: Camron Combs
Writer: Xavier Jones

Producer: Allie Romero, Eric Chalifour


Barbaro Tran Suarez as Lead Character
Kate Martinez as Lily Elepano
Nick Rennell as Denial
Xavier Jones as Anger
Ava Gomez as Bargaining

Director of Photography and Editor: Jake Weber

Associate producers: Eric Chalifour, Jake Weber, Anne Bourdua

Unit Production Manager: Allie Romero

First assistant director: Allie Romero

Second assistant director: Camron Combs

Script Supervisor: Camron Combs

Camera Assistants: Allie Romero, Anne Bourdua, Rachel Burns

Boom Operator: Ben Harris

Prop Master: Heather Irvine

Make up: Kate Martinez

Production Assistants: Rachel Burns, Anne Bourdua

Craft Services: Allie Romero, Rachel Burns, Ava Gomez

Music and Sound Effects

Special thanks to: Heather Irvine, Anne Bourdua, Steve and Elysia Chapman


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