Livestream- Visual Design Insights w/Nicholas Kole and Q&A

We are so excited to have our Production Designer for the short film, Nicholas Kole, join us for this livestream. Chris and Nicholas will discuss the secrets of visual design and world building in animation. And then Chris is ready to answer any of your questions!

Also, check out the progress we’ve made in just one week! Don’t miss your chance to own part of The Wingfeather Saga TV Series @ther

00:00 – Chris explains the first week of funding
07:51 – Welcome Nicholas Kole
10:53 – First introduction to Wingfeather Saga
13:26 – How do you visualize the story?
17:22 – How do you shape the details that are more whimsical?
21:21 – Discussing the unique art style
24:41 – Nicholas talks about favorite character design
28:22 – Thanking fans for investing
31:11 – Keith Lango joins the discussion
37:02 – Chris talks about his first impression of Keith’s pitch
39:52 – Nicholas delves into the techniques he used
44:11 – Chris talks about the importance of every investment
49:56 – Nicholas talks about designing the cover of the books
53:59 – Nicholas and Keith sign off
55:31 – Reaction video to hitting a million dollars in investments
57:35 – Andrew and Chris’s reactions
58:36 – Wall family joins live to respond
1:04:51 – Highlighting fans support
1:06:02 – Wall family signs off

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