Johan Danno: Fire Burn Low (Live in Nashville)

Produced and filmed by: Five Folds Creative

Connecting through and offering Johan a place to stay, Anthony and Tim of Five Folds Creative were taken back by Johan’s story and music, offering to record a video for him while he was in town.

1st day of shooting was cut short while recording “Fall in Line” due to an event taking place on the bridge, so a 2nd shooting 2-days later was booked, during which time Johan came down with a cold and lost his voice. Unable to perform “Fall in Line” and moments before throwing in the towel, Johan opted to instead perform his upcoming song “Fire Burn Low” and held it together for this performance.

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Filmed September 2016 in Nashville (TN) in conjunction with Five Folds Creative -
Song and Lyrics written by Johan and (c) 2016 Johan Danno

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