Jeff D Anderson – Composer Nashville, TN

Jeff D Anderson is a composer living in the greater Nashville, TN area. Here are some samples of Jeff’s composing and orchestrating.

If you are looking for someone to score your new film, contact Jeff. Having scored the feature film ‘Four Blood Moons’ and then going on to arrange strings for Kris Kristofferson for History’s ‘Texas Rising’, Jeff understands the demands of high pressure composing and arranging under tight deadlines. In short…he is your guy.

And…you will have a great time hanging out and creating the music with him!

Jeff has created arrangements and orchestrations for live and recorded projects for: Kris Kristofferson, the Duck Commander folks, Lee Greenwood, Michael W. Smith, Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel-The Little Mermaid), David Phelps, TRUTH, Michael English, Anthony Evans, Jody Davis (of the Newsboys), Steve Green, Shaun Groves and many more…

For more information about having Jeff help you with your recordings or films, contact him here:

[email protected]

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