ICE! A Christmas Story @ Gaylord Opryland- Nashville, TN :D

December 17, 2019. Happy New Year! 🥳🎉 I know this is a Christmas video from mid-December, but I wanted to post it for New Years and wish everyone a Happy New Year 🙂 This was by far my favorite ICE! so far!! That’s probably to do with it being my favorite Christmas movie, but it was even Mom’s favorite and she doesn’t even like this movie! It was absolutely amazing! It’s pretty expensive for a fairly short experience, but it’s always worth it. We looooove visiting when they have a new one!

ICE! @ Gaylord Opryland:

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*I started this channel so my dad could look back on our trips and try to see anything he might have missed in person, and also so he could see what we did on trips he was unable to join us on. Now I also use it as a sort of scrapbook of when I add to my collections. We like looking back on these memories, and if you like to see them too, then yay! We are glad you could join us 😀

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