Horror Short Film “SAD” | Official Selection — Best Screenplay

“Sad” is a horror short film / psychological thriller from Moonlight Social. Written and directed by the duo’s Jeremy Burchard, “Sad” is a counterpart to the band’s song “Let’s Get Sad,” which is also featured in the film. While the song is about “leaning into sadness,” the film is a manifestation of quite the opposite.

Official Selection — Best Screenplay — Moonrise Film Festival

Starring: Masha Abramzon, Jeremy Burchard, Jennica Scott
Special Thanks: Ella Fayer
Fluffy Kitty: Diego

Hear the full song here: https://link.moonlightsocialmusic.com/LGS

See on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14720052/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk

Filmed with Blackmagic Pocket 4k, Vazen Anamorphic Lenses, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Beast Grip lenses

Edited in DaVinci Resolve Studio.



Moonlight Social is a genre-bending music duo (formed by Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott) born in Austin, Texas and now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

We make pop rock music, which means catchy music sprinkled with influences from rock, pop, folk rock, adult contemporary, and other genres. For fans of artists like Matchbox Twenty, blink-182, All Time Low, Weezer, Maren Morris, Paramore, Fleetwood Mac, and more.



Hey Will, it’s not your fault
You see things as they are
And doesn’t life just suck sometimes?
Well me? I’m a little off
Can’t put my finger on it
But nothing’s ever black and white
I wish I had some clarity
A handle on my head
I’m up then down then up at night
And for the sake of brevity
I want this shit to end
This back and forth just wastes my time

So let’s get sad
You can put on all your favorite
Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy
And think about your dad
Let’s get sad
I’ll watch the end of Good Will Hunting
And scroll through the pictures of
Every dog that I ever had
Let’s get sad

Well no, I can’t be everything
But you know I’ll always be
A safe place you can go
To get low
Misery loves you and me
We’re miserable company
I think that came out wrong
My bad, whatever

Let’s get sad
We can polish off two pints
Of Ben & Jerry’s bitching ‘bout
The ones who never loved us back
Let’s get sad
Then we’ll listen to old messages
You saved on your last phone
Before your grandma’s heart attack
Fuck, that’s sad

Hey you, it’s not your fault



“Let’s Get Sad” Written by: Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott
Produced by: Jeremy Burchard
Recorded and Mixed by Jeremy Burchard in Nashville, TN

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