Feel My Pain (48hfp-San Diego) 2015 Short Film | Best Buddy Film | 48 hour Film Project

“Feel My Pain” English Short Film 2015.
“Feel My Pain” is a English Short Film directed by award-winning group Jagapoga Studios.
“Feel My Pain” was shot , edited and released onto theatre in 48 hours for the 48hour film project competition.
This got the “Spirit Award” in 48 hour film project competition – San Diego
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Cast: Venkitaraman ,Abhilash Vincent , Deepu Thomas
Sound: Sinu Paul & Sandeep KS
Lighting : Sandeep KS & Sinu Paul
Editing : Shinu Antony
Asst. DOP: Shinu Antony
Dialogues : Abhilash Vincent & Deepu Thomas
Story : Abhilash Vincent
DOP , Screenplay & Direction by Deepu Thomas

Feel My Pain is a english shortfilm that was shot in San Diego for the 48 hour film project. The central theme is based on a Buddy Film Genre .
Feel My Pain is based on based on how an idle mind can impact perspective with different elements working its way around him and how that can affect friendship .
The movie has to keep the follow pre-requisites : –
Genre : Buddy Film
Character : Alan Downing
Prop : Flashlight
Dialogue : “Sometimes that’s all you need”

A little bit about the Group: Jagapoga Studios is a group that has already made a huge impact in stage shows at multiple arenas .
They also won the “Spirit Award” for there 48 hour film project “Feel My Pain”
The best work by them are
Incredible India : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8lVloOtXcY
Avanmaaruda Oru Shortfilm (Teaser) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdntgrlxuLA
Sthri : {Link yet to be updated}

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