CIVIL ECHOES: Unjustified {Dramatic Short Film} Atlanta GSU

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February 1960 Nashville TN. Diann wakes from a bad dream. Dream stems from a Lynching involving her progressive relatives that owned a convenience store in Memphis. Her proprietor relatives were killed by a lynch mob simply because of race, during Ida B. Wells Era. It is said that the KKK was involved in the homicides and burning down of their business. Diane Nash who has showed activist passion before these dreams occurred, really launched herself into a leadership role when she found out the details of the Investigation.
MUSIC CREDITS: “Freedom”= @Afroblewmedia “What Time is Change Coming” = @MusicCleaners – Free Woop –
Director= @Leadnaturally
SPECIAL THANKS TO: African American Studies Department @ Georgia State University.
Much Respect and Big THANKS to: JASON MOORE ! This project does not get completed without your diligence and persistent work! Love you brother.

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