BankRoll University: Nashville, Atlanta and Chicago Business Trip

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Get Money by Lil Baby

The journey to Generational Wealth. We traveled and we mentored thousands. We connected and we had many fun experiences together while sharing spaces and stories. A networking experience but with long lasting friendships. BankRoll University will be remembered for the determination to help others grow and share value through platforms meant to give you the Elite experience. Predominately black organization with very experienced and knowledgeable Aspirational Mentors, Serial Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

Join us on our journey to Generational Wealth. Known to help grow the community with every encounter. Making connections and spreading value to those who are determined to make a significant change for the betterment of themselves. Real Authentic Work presents BankRoll University!

BankRoll University is an organization with a variety of valuable experiences, whether it be educational, motivational and inspirational; BankRoll University has done a phenomenal job in terms of spreading their value and knowledge. Grateful and Blessed to have connected with such likeminded individuals.

If you are wondering how the organization is doing, lets just say we all have gained a higher high of ourselves and are doing great impactful things in our separate lives. For we all have a wonderful and prideful story to share.

Enjoy this short film of our many encounters. What you see are influencers and aspirational mentors preparing to change the world one person at a time! If you Speak it and Believe it then you shall Receive it.

Law of Attraction is always at work and when manifesting remember to focus on the faith of it all. Speak it, Believe it and you shall receive it. Greatness is ahead of us all, be kind and share opportunities. Educate the masses.

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