After Hours – Short Suspense/Horror Film (2012)

It all begins… “After Hours”. Sarah (Amy Boud) is alone working when she finds herself in an unusual situation. She calls her boyfriend Josh (Mitchell Peart) before she mysteriously goes missing.

Join Josh in his thrilling search for Sarah. Every minute counts as her tries to find her– before it’s too late.

Third place winner of “Digital Video Production” in TSA’s 2012 national conference in Nashville, TN. The theme was “suspense”. Thanks to Bingham High School’s TSA.

Directed by: Jacob Berube
Starring: Amy Boud and Mitchell Peart
Assistant Director: Matthew Page
Written by: Alexis Dansie and Ashton Tryon
Dialogue coach: Jennifer Berube
Executive Producer: Patrick McDonald
Music Composed By: John Clearly Williams

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