A Nashville Christmas Carol | Long Story Short the Podcast

In this week’s Girls Gone Christmas episode of the podcast, Megan and Wendy discuss A Nashville Christmas Carol which stars Jessy Schram and Wes Brown. This was a modern day retelling of A Christmas Carol with a country twist.

The ghosts of Christmas Past (Kix Brooks) and Present (Kimberly Williams Paisley) visit Vivian, played by Jessy Schram, to help her rediscover a lost love-interest Gavin (Wes Brown,) with a little help from Marilyn Jinway (Wynona Judd) the modern-day Jacob Marley.

We were joined on the podcast by special guest Marianne Canada. This will be her third season rating and reviewing Christmas movies on Instagram stories. You can find all of the movies she has reviewed this year, as well as her Instagram story template for creating your own reviews, in her Instagram highlights.

Mentioned on the podcast:
Filming Locations: Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC
Robert’s Western World

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