A man asleep (short film) 2010 איש ישן

An overwhelmed groom is making casual last arrangements in preparation for his expected wedding in the evening.
Distracted and disturbed, his car hits a child crossing the highway.
His search for a way out raises crucial questions regarding
his social belonging.

Festival Screening & Awards:

Best 16mm film (London Student Film Festival )
Nominated for ” Best Short ” (14th cineMAiubit student festival)
Nominited for ” Best Acting ” (London Student Film Festival)
03th Universidad de Sevilla European Cinema Award (10/10)
10th Sevilla European Film Festival (09/10)
01th Itzon film festival (11/10)
14th cineMAiubit student festival (12/10)
04th Cape winelands film festival (03/11)
06th Marbella International Film Festival (10/11)
05th Alto Vicentino festival (06/11)
16th Portobello Film Festival (02/11)
11th pisek International Student Film Festival (10/11)
01th London Student Film Festival (02/12)
08th Berlin International Directors Lounge (10/12)
06th Olomouc Museum of Modern Art czech (10/13)

Runtime: 15:30 (include credits and titles)
Shooting Format :Super 16 mm
Screening Format: 35mm, Beta SP
Spoken Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Frame Aspect Ratio: 3:4
Sound: Stereo
Genre: Fiction
Release Year : 1/9/2010
Length: 15
Production Country: Israel

Director: Ophir Ben Shimon
Script writer : Ophir Ben Shimon
Producer: Hamutal Zerem
Produced in association with: Tel-Aviv University Film & TV Dept., swiss friends dept.
Cinematographer: Daniel Bar
Steady-Cam: Amir Rishpon
Editor: Julian Feder , Ophir Ben-Shimon
Director Assistant: Tal siano
Sound recording: Ram Brosred
Sound editing: “Jungle Sound”
soundtrack: Tangerine Dream sequent c’ (copyrights for the song have been cleared)
Shlomi Avraham

Director’s Contact Details:

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