21 old films from 1895 to 1902 colorized and upscaled in 60 fps, with sound

A few months ago I found an amazing YouTube channel with some Lumiere films uploaded with great source quality. It was hard to resist not doing some Machine Learning magic with them, aaaand here is the result of a few months of processing and sound editing.

Films used in this video:
France, Lyon, place des Cordeliers, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/place-des-cordeliers/
Factory outlet, France, Lyon, Monplaisir, chemin Saint-Victor (today rue du 1er Film) https://catalogue-lumiere.com/sortie-dusine-i/
The Landing of the photography congress in Lyon, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/debarquement-du-congres-de-photographie/

Launch of a ship, France, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/lancement-dun-navire/
Switzerland, Geneva, National Exhibition, Swiss Village, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/rentree-a-letable/
Westminster Bridge, Great Britain, London, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/pont-de-westminster/
France, Lyon: Quai de l’Archevêché, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/lyon-quai-de-larcheveche/
Panorama of the Grand Canal taken from a boat, Italy, Venice, Grand Canal, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/panorama-grand-canal-venise/
Arrival of a train in Perrache station, France, Lyon, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/arrivee-dun-train-a-perrache/
Broadway, United States, New York, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/broadway/

Jaffa Gate: east side, Jerusalem 1897 https://catalogue-lumiere.com/porte-de-jaffa-cote-est/
The pyramids, Egypt, Giza https://catalogue-lumiere.com/les-pyramides-vue-generale/
Panorama of the Golden Horn, Turkey, Istanbul https://catalogue-lumiere.com/panorama-de-la-corne-dor/
Camel caravan, Jerusalem, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/caravane-de-chameaux/
France, Lyon, place du Pont https://catalogue-lumiere.com/lyon-la-place-du-pont/
Japan, Kyoto, Honshu, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/lutteurs-japonais/

Biarritz: the beach and the sea, France, Biarritz, Grande Plage, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/biarritz-la-plage-et-la-mer/
Bad weather at the port, Italy, https://catalogue-lumiere.com/mauvais-temps-au-port/

View from a whaling boat in motion, France, Hyères https://catalogue-lumiere.com/vue-prise-dune-baleiniere-en-marche/
Panorama taken from a sedan chair, January 25, 1900, French Indochina (now Vietnam), village of Namo, Annam https://catalogue-lumiere.com/village-namo-panorama/

Fort-de-France: market, Martinique, Fort-de-France, French Antilles https://catalogue-lumiere.com/fort-de-france-marche/

🎶 Ending music used:
Amosdoll Music channel

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