Tennessee LLC – How to Start an LLC in Tennessee – Short Version

Starting an LLC in Tennessee is easy. It’s a great way to structure your small business and protect your personal assets. You can do this yourself, or by hiring a professional service, we explain both of these in this video guide.

Use our Free Guide to form your LLC:

Or, use a reliable service provider to form your LLC, see the top 5:

Steps to forming your LLC in Tennessee:
1) Name your LLC
🎯 Use our Business Name Generator to get some help
brainstorming a business name and finding an
available URL to secure for your new business:
2) Choose a Registered agent
3) File the Articles of Organization
4) Create an LLC Operating Agreement
⚖️ Get a free operating agreement template
or create a custom LLC operating agreement
with our free tool:
5) Obtain an EIN

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💼 Why an LLC?
LLC’s are one of the best ways for business owners to protect their personal assets. Visit our site to learn about LLC formation, and other useful information for starting a business in your state:

Useful Resources:
🔎 What is an LLC –
🔎 Tennessee LLC Compliance –
🔎 Learn about the Corporate Veil, protecting your personal assets –

💡 Check out our Business ideas tool:

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