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Reputation Management: A Few Simple Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Brand Online

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Reputation Management Best Practices
If you do not have in place an effective system operational to monitor how your business is regarded online then a smart first step is to perform a simple audit. Do a Google Search for your company name + reviews. Did you find any reviews that were not responded to? If so you just found an important opportunity. All reviews ought to have a response, both the good and the bad. In the event you discovered a review without a response what website was it on? Was it a site you are not familiar with? If so that makes sense. Hopefully you know to monitor the most popular review websites like Yelp and Google. Repeat the Google search mentioned above periodically to locate websites where sites allow reviews that you are not familiar with. Once you learn the new review sites keep an eye on them going forward.

An additional tool to use in endeavors to monitor your reputation is Google Alerts. Set up an alert to keep track of mentions of your brand and this will help monitor what is actually being posted regarding your company online.

Make sure you keep track of industry specific review websites that are relevant to your company. For instance, Home Advisor and Angie’s List are very important for the home services industry.

Consider this suggestion from the reputation management consultants at Gishmo Marketing Solutions, continuously promote all the positive reviews and testimonials you discover online. How do you do that? Share them on your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To take your promotion up a notch construct hyperlinks to the favorable reviews. For example, as you prepare a post on your company blog or social media site that is on point to the review, hyperlink a relevant phrase in the post to the review.

Hyperlinks to the review send signals to the search engines like Google that the review is important. And review posts are able to rank in search engines. Here is an example search done from Nashville for Lee Company, an HVAC service business. All the results are from websites that enable users to post reviews.

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