Privacy Fence install by a lawn care business?

Privacy Fence install by a lawn care business? Privacy Fence installation is one a few ways it’s HIS turf retains employees year-round, provides an additional income and new services to customers. This video provides a quick reference to how to bid a privacy fence and what materials are needed. Blake, owner of it’s HIS turf has completed many privacy fences installs throughout his years in the lawn care and landscape industry, but this was a first for our most recent maintenance crew! Our hope is that this will help fellow lawn care businesses that want to install privacy fences with the base knowledge to attempt this type of work.

It’s HIS turf channel’s is dedicated to educating lawn care and landscape businesses through our successes and failures. Our lawn care and landscape business are not perfect, but with 10 years in these industries, we have learned a few things that we would like to share.

Materials used in this project:
pressure treated lumber:

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