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Online business tax registration TN: watch the video for advice from Nashville CPA Evan Hutcheson ( about online business tax registration for start ups in Tennessee.

He explains what you need to do about tax registration after you’ve completed the initial step of registering your business with the Tennessee Department of State (

First of all, you’ll need to get your Control Number, which is basically your account number with the Tennessee Department of State. You receive your Control Number in the mail after filing the articles of organization with the Secretary of State, whether you’re an LLC, a charter, or a corporation.

You will need your Control Number when you register with the Department of Revenue, which you need to do to as part of the process of registering your business in Tennessee. You can register online by visiting the Tennessee Department of Revenue website’s online services page:

The Tennessee state government is encouraging online tax registration. If you are running your own business you will of course most likely be liable for some taxes. But most businesses are only required to pay two or three different types of taxes. You will definitely have to pay the Franchise and Excise tax and will probably also have to pay the Business Tax. If you are selling anything that you charge sales tax for you will also have to pay Sales and Use Tax.

Certain types of businesses, for example accountants, doctors, attorneys, banks,educational research agencies, engineers, anybody in medical fields,surveying, vet services, are exempt from this tax, but pretty much everyone else does have to pay it.

There are several different classes you may register under depending on what your business is. The most common class is Class Three which covers many business types. Class Four covers businesses dealing with construction, extermination, surveying, repairs or maintenance.

After you’ve completed your online tax registration, the Department of Revenue will send you your business tax numbers by mail. Once you get these, you can take them to your county clerk’s office. In Nashville it’s in the Howard School Building. You’ll need to also bring a picture ID, a check or debit card or something because you have to pay a small fee to get your business license. To keep your business license active, you’ll just have to refile your tax returns each year. These are also due April 15 of the following you’re just like your revenue taxes and just like your personal taxes.

Another thing you can do online, a very important thing actually when registering your business, is to go to the IRS website, and go to tools. Then scroll down to employer identification or “E.I.N.” Actually you should do this before you file with the Department of Revenue because one of the things they ask for is the E.I.N.

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